Netherlands Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo

PUM - Netherlands senior experts Programme

Practical and focused on business

Sustainable economic growth in developing countries cannot be achieved if it does not benefit local societies. Industrious small and medium-sized firms play the most significant role in creating new employment. PUM therefore grants preference to local companies. PUM believes that ensuring a sustainable development of the private sector is the best way to fight poverty; there is no ideological basis. Its policy is practical and business-like: helping small and medium-sized businesses stand on their own two feet is more effective than theorising and moralising. PUM only provides help in response to specified requests: it works directly and cost-effectively. This method has proved to be extremely successful and has created a great deal of goodwill.

The idea behind PUM: companies and institutions in developing countries can benefit from western organisational and management skills. The Netherlands has large numbers of (retired) experts who are willing to offer their services and skills free of charge. The idea was, and still is, a success.

PUM deploys experienced Dutch senior managers and experts to provide assistance to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These senior experts work on the basis of the extensive expertise and experience that they have accumulated during their long careers.

See for a detailed description of the request phase and the working method of PUM.

PUM-VROM Agreement for Environmental Projects


The Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) and PUM Netherlands senior experts (PUM) have an agreement in which VROM sponsors those PUM projects that benefit the environment in general and solve major environmental problems in particular (such as climate change).

VROM not only sponsors small and medium sized enterprises, but also government bodies and institutes, universities and non-governmental organisations are invited to respond and to apply for this kind of environmental projects.

What are environment projects?

VROM prefers to sponsor projects in the field of: waste, water, waste water, energy, cleaner production and sustainable development. Also projects based on the “cradle to cradle” principle are highly appreciated.

PUM welcomes project applications from small and medium-sized enterprises, government bodies and institutes, universities and non-governmental organisations as well.

  • PUM projects to be supported by VROM are: Municipal waste: waste prevention, separate collection, recycling, transportation, composting and final disposal. Waste management planning.
  • Industrial and hazardous waste: waste reduction, re-use and recycling, change in industrial processes and waste processing aimed at sustainable development.
  • Drinking water: water production, water purification.
  • Waste water: reduction, (sewage) water treatment.
  • Soil pollution: remediation and cleaning of contaminated soil.
  • Pollution abatement in general: clean technology in industry and agriculture.
  • Energy: energy management, energy saving, conventional and sustainable energy production: solar, wind and bio energy.
  • Cleaner production: prevention and reduction of waste and emission during the production process (including end of pipe solutions).
  • Nature development.

Conditions and procedure

There are no special financial or procedural conditions for VROM sponsored PUM projects. So the normal PUM conditions and procedures do apply. Please remember that PUM and the sponsor VROM want to have a clear picture of the problem and the expertise which is needed in order to get good project results. So please pay attention to the project description!

If you are interested, please contact your local PUM representative through the Embassy and complete your project application through the website: VROM will be asked for approval of the project and PUM will send the applicant a CV. It is the applicant’s decision to accept the proposed expert.